The Supreme Administrative Court makes a legal assessment of three management licenses for volves at Savo region

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Savon Sanomat 29.5.2017

English summary:

The Supreme Administrative Court will make a legal assessment of management licenses for volves, granted by the Finnish Wildlife Agency at Northern Savo region. The Court will judge the case to the extent that has been appealed to the Administrative Court at Eastern Finland, considering Vieremä, Kajaani, Sonkajärvi and Kiuruvesi regions.

The Finnish Wildlife Agency permitted licences for management hunt of volves in January and February 2016.

The Association for Nature Conservation (Tapiola) appeald about the licenses and the Administrative Court of Eastern Finland made a conclusion, that organization did not have a right to appeal and dismissed the case as inadmissible.

The Supreme Adminitrative Court concluded that the association did have a right to appeal, and the appeal should have been given a legal judgement. According to the Supreme Administrative Court, the association was a local organization with a legal right to appeal.