Alpha female shot in Perniö was pregnant

According to Salon Seudun Sanomat:

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It is likely that there will be no cubs born at the Salo-Raasepori wolf territory during this spring. A week ago a breeding female was shot in Perniö. The alpha female was pregnant.

The Natural Resources Institute examined the body and their report states that: “on the basis of initial examination of the uterus, the female wolf was pregnant.” According to the researchers, the female had been mated with and become fertilized. The number of embryos was uncountable.

The female had given a birth before: “in the uterus, there were signs of labour from the last spring”.

The events of the hunting are under police investigation. It is claimed that regulations of the license have been violated. According to detective Pertti Läksy from Salo, the police will have to take into account how continuous tracking and immediate proximity to the yard are considered during hunting.