Police investigates hunting felony at Nurmes, Mujejärvi region

Police press release 10.3.2017.


Last Monday morning (March 6th) a large-carnivore field worker of Natural Resources Institute, made an observation of a wolf in Nurmes. The wolf was badly injured and not able to move.

The wolf was taken to the vet. After an evaluation, the wolf was euthanized trough the decision of the veterinary. There were signs of shooting in the wolfs body and it was earlier collared by the Natural Resources Institute.

The police has started a criminal investigation of the case. It has occurred, that the has been moving at Nurmes, South-West from Mujejärvi (Kypäräjärvi-Venetjärvi-Leväjärvi) area between 24th February and 6th March. Investigation is about to find out the time and the place of the shooting.

The police needs all the information considering this case. Numbers to contact are: 029 541 5320 or  029 545 5694 (investigator). There is a snowmobile route on the western side of the area and it is possible, that people using the route might have been able to observe something.

The last poaching incident in Nurmes happened on November 25th 2016. It is still under investigation. In January, wolves were legally hunted with management licenses. The management hunting is already ended.