Conservation organizations in Finland demand the government to put an end to wolf hunting

screenshot.27-05-2016 14.54.22Conservation organizations are criticizing the wolf hunting in Finland. According to the organizations there are more than a hundred wolves that have been killed in Finland during two-year experiment.

-The minimum effective population is 25 breeding pairs (packs) which guarantees the short-term preservation of the species. Hunting and police orders to shoot wolves in the middle of the breeding season left only 14 vital packs in Finland. Suomen Susi 2013 and ANC Tapiola are not satisfied with this situation.

Organizations are demanding the Ministry of Agriculture to put an end to the licensed wolf hunting in Finland.

Also The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) and The Finnish Nature-League share the opinion, that too many wolves have been killed in Finland. They are demanding sustainable options for wolf management and hunting.

– Damages caused by wolves must be prevented with electric fences and livestock guarding dogs. The state finances the fences and organizations offer help for building them.ärjestöt-vaativat-sudenmetsästyksestä-luopumista-1.2130698ärjestöt-vaativat-sudenmetsästyksestä-luopumista-1.2130697