Damages caused by wolves in Finland 2013-2015

According to the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) there were 200-235 wolves in Finland in March 2016 (the latest estimate). In 2015 the estimate was 220-245 wolves and before that, in 2014 there were 140-155 wolves in Finland.

The reindeer husbandry area covers northern Finland with approximately 200 000 reindeer. There are also about half a million dogs and more than a million heads of livestock in the whole country.

These damages are compensated by the law.

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The year 2015:









Explanations: Tuotantoeläinvahingot= damages for livestock, koiravahingot= damages for dogs, porovahingot= damages for reindeer.

Damages are arranged by the communes in Finland. Summa= sum (€), keskimäärin= on average (€).

Source of information: the Ministry of Agriculture, statistic (not available for the public).

Kpl= number of damage events, not the number of individual animals.

Damages for reindeer calves are not included in computational compensation (Lex Halla, 14§).

Number of individual animals in 2015: reindeer=572, dogs=52, livestock (cows, sheep, horses)=174.


The year 2014:










Eläimiä-column means the number of individual animals.


The year 2013: