Mission: Impossible?


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In Finland, it is not conventional to give medical care for an injured wolf. The common way is to have a police order or other permission to kill it.

People often help animals all over the world, as it is a civilized way to treat other living beings. Here, in this video, the rescue team is helping an injured elephant. And here, tigers are being released.

Some wild animals, like birds, are traditionally taken care of in Finland, like this eagle in the video. But wolves? They are shot.

Therefore, it is remarkable, that on March 6th, a wolf was taken to a vet. Although in the end the wolf was euthanized, this operating model is brand new. For the first time in Finnish news history, a wolf is taken in to receive veterinary care.

It is possible to change attitudes and established policies. Perhaps the next generation will value nature without a cost-benefit relationship. But the ice has been broken: the wolf eventually received required treatment which is a right that belongs to all endangered species.